New John-paul Gard videos up on page

Just to let you know theres some new videos on the video page of the trio at the bristol fringe july 2016 hope you enjoy them jp

New Electro Harmonix Lester K demos

Hi Guys, 

Just to let you know ive got some new videos demonstrating the Lester K hammond organ pedal from electro harmonix, there great pedals that emulate the hammond 122 cabinet, please see my video page under the heading fun to hear it and hear me talking about it Jpeeeee



hi people, 

just a quick note, just finishing the jon dalton and john paul gard tour and theres a great review on the press page at the bottom of this page

please have a read thankyou


Hi Folks, 

Just a quick update, ive got a  tour with jon dalton trio, guitar, organ and drums from the usa this month sept 2016, dates and venues are 


8th prince of wales shrivenham, 10th the daffodil cheltenham, 11th gasgone place bath, 13th bakerst swindon, 18th the queens head monmouth, 19th the bell bath, 20th brecon jazz club, 21st fringe bar clifton, 25th the plough swindon, 28th swansea jazz club, 29th brecon jazz club in cardiff, 

all are evening gigs apart from the daffodil which is 1-4pm

Also other news, theres some new videos of my trio coming out 5 in total at a gig in the fringe bar in clifton in aug 2016, i will post them up on the web site for you to see as soon as there finished

There is a new set of Photos in the Photo libary and press pack on the web for those that are interested just click and have a look

Also a new product demo video for Electro Harmonix in New York demonstrating there new Lester K organ leslie simulator pedal, and som new solo videos of me under the video section playing some fourplay and two of my own compostions


Latest News from John-paul Gard

Hi Folks, just a quartely news letter for you, ive got some great work coming up, a series of gigs with my new organ trio with Matt Hopkins guitar, Toby Perrett Drums, 

Im playing at the Frankfurt music Fari in April up to 5 shows a day for 4 days thats going to be great more details to follow

This september Jon Dalton will be coming back for a tour of 3 weeks with me, so far 7 venues more to follow, hope all is well it all of you 


Nice Gigs coming up

Its been a while since my last post, I have been very busy this year and I sometimes neglect the web page, sorry about this, I will try and keep it updated as much as I can, I ve a couple of nice gigs over the next few weeks, I playing at the Plough in Swindon with my trio, playing music from my Come on Rita CD and also playing at Swansea Jazz Land with the George Benson Cookbook Project, one last gig to finsh this short news feed is at Baker Street Swindon where Im doing a Tribute to Jimmy Smith, please see the Shows page for more info, thanks all see you soon jp

New Videos with Colin Tulley and Eddie John

Ive just done 4 new videos with the amazing Colin Tulley and Eddie John, there on my video page were playing some Marvin Gaye, and David Sandborne tunes, they are great players please have a look

Great Gigs last week

Just a quick update, have had some great gigs this week that include playing with the Mark Lawrence Quartet at the Illminster Arts Center with special guest Tony Roberts on Sax, what a great player 

Then after a burning gig with Simon Spillett at the Plough in Swindon featuring Billy Weir on drums and Ben Lee on guitar a great gig, also I managed to get asked to play with Emily Wright and the Royals a band that is in the style of the great Nat King Cole Trio with Emily Wright vocals, Wil Harris on Bass, Mat Hopkins guitar, top class stuff


Web Update for 2014 Videos and News

Happy New Year to you all, heres a few highlights of 2014, in the videos section theres quite a bit of new stuff including

Videos for the UK tour with Jon Dalton in June,A new promo video with the Diamond Dust Band, Some new videos of me at the Barga Jazz Festial in Aug, Videos of the UK drum Fair with me and Robert Brian, and lastly my New Solo Project there are 4 new videos

Im going to post some new pics of stuff thats happened last year too

Last year has been great year for me and have played a met some great players and met some great new friends

2015 is going to be good, theres some nice gigs coming up a new video with the Amazing Colin Tulley Trio in Feb, and the development of my LA project this year

Will keep it posted up here 


tour jon dalton

Just a quick update, the Jon Dalton Tour is going great were on the last week, this week sees us playing at Stratford Jazz Club on wed 25th June, Bristol Fringe thur 26th June, this gig will be videoed as part of the tour, and our last gig will be in gasgone place on 29th June, 

Please come and hear the trio its sounding great and fresh

Great show in Havant

The Trio had a great show at the Havant Arts Center, thankyou for all that helped us and looked after us, I was lucky enough to bump in to one of the great organ players called Tony Pegler, that I admired when I was a kid and still do, he came to say hello to me, what a great honour that was.



Diamond Dust videos

Ive just done some new videos with the band diamond dust, its a tribute to the great tony williams lifetime project, they will be posted up soon in the site

new solo videos

Ive posted two new videos on the video page under live performace, one of them is using a guitar looper station by electro harmonix, and the other is a tribute to three of my favourite organ players including my late teacher Alan Woodley

Hope you enjoy them

Come on Rita Video

Good news re the promo video for my Come on Rita cd, its done and will be posted soon, just finishing the editing 


Tour in June with the Jon Datlton Trio from LA

Junes looking good, with many UK gigs with the Jon Dalton Trio, jons an amazing player in the style of Wes Montgomery, here is a link of us playing, theres some videos on my video page, if you can make the gigs please come as they will be great, Jon is such a passionate player you will love it

Mini tour of Italy now confirmed

From Feb 19th for 3days ive a small mini tour in italy should be good, KeyB organs have kindly sponsored and organ for me thankyou Elvio

New trio album with Eddie Martin confirmed

Good news in January, were doing a new trio album with the Great Eddie Martin, cant wait

New Brussels Festival pic

john-paul in brussels

Great review from the wall to wall festival

brillant review on the 31-08-13  from my gig at the wall to wall jazz festival, see on press pack also



Organist John Paul Gard is a popular figure on the South Wales and Bristol music scenes, an experienced musician with more than a dozen recordings to his credit. For me he’s a fairly recent discovery, I first encountered Gard’s playing when he brought his Cookbook Project featuring drummer Gethin Jones and the amazing guitarist Alex Hutchins to a packed Queens Head in nearby Monmouth in December 2012.

Today in the Club Room Gard was playing music largely drawn from his latest album “Come On Rita”, a selection of Gard originals that pay tribute to the late, great Jimmy Smith plus some of Gard’s other musical heroes. The record features Jones on drums plus Kevin Glasgow on guitar. Better known as a virtuoso bassist Glasgow was to turn up the following day playing bass with drummer Asaf Sirkis’ trio.

For this performance in the Club Room venue Gard had recruited acclaimed drummer Rob Brian and guitarist Dan Messore whose own “Indigo Kid” album has been favourably reviewed elsewhere on the Jazzmann web pages. I got the impression that Gard hadn’t played with Messore that often before but the two quickly gelled even though Messore’s guitar was sometimes rather too low in the mix.

The trio opened by stringing three numbers together, “Come On Rita”, “Nice Touch Gene” and “Waltz For Evans”, all sourced from the latest album and dedicated to Jimmy Smith, Gene Ludwig and Pat Martino respectively. Sadly only guitarist Pat Martino is still with us. The music mixed funk and soul jazz influences with Brian laying down a solid back-beat that fuelled the solos of Gard and Messore.

Actually using a two manual Nord C2D keyboard Gard is a virtuoso organist who also plays incredible bass lines with his feet. I’d scribbled a note to mention this but Gard later pointed it out to the audience, his pedal board clearly visible to the viewers and with the organist wearing highly visible bright red sneakers. Introducing the band he stretched out a leg and declared “and on bass my left foot” pointing dramatically at the said appendage. It’s perhaps no surprise that he’s previously traded under the names Pedalboy and Pedalmania.

Things took a different turn with the bossa “Tea 4 Joey” which Gard dedicated to the man mountain that is American organist Joey DeFrancesco. I was lucky enough to see Joey perform with alto saxophonist David Sanborn at the 2011 London Jazz Festival, he also sings and plays the trumpet and is generally “a bit of a character”.

Still drawing on the new album “Fast As Toast” was as rapid as its title might suggest with some fleet fingered soloing from both Gard and Messore and a hugely impressive drum feature from Brian. Based in England;s West Country Brian is a prolific session drummer and drum educator who currently has a high profile gig in the drum chair for legendary punk survivors Siouxsie and The Banshees.

A gospel flavoured “Like Someone In Love” represented a first excursion into standards territory with Gard imposing his own personality on the tune. Then it was back to the album for “J and Jimmy”, the title a reference to an imaginary meeting between Gard and the man still regarded as the greatest of jazz Hammond organists, the great Jimmy Smith. I was also lucky enough to see Smith perform, this time at the San Francisco Blues Festival in 2001. Then in his late 70’s and very frail Smith had to be helped on to the stage but when he sat at the keyboard the years just rolled away even if the set did have to be kept fairly short, a combination of festival scheduling and Smith’s own health problems. Gard’s Smith tribute is a bit of a tear up in the soul jazz style and it produced some great playing from one of The UK’s top organ specialists.

To conclude this highly enjoyable set Gard dipped back into the standards repertoire for a spirited romp through Dizzy Gillespie’s “A Night In Tunisia” with both Messore and Gard producing blistering solos. It was interesting to see Messore playing in a different style and context to Indigo Kid and overall his performance was very impressive. Brian, too offered solid support and shone on the occasional drum features. But mainly this was Gard’s show, his knowledge of his instrument and his virtuoso technique makes him a great favourite with audiences. Meanwhile “Come On Rita” is a classic organ recording with all the Hammond you can handle. Gard’s Cookbook group will be doing their special Christmas special in Monmouth again this year (Sunday, December 21st) and I fully intend to be there.

gig with Ben Waghorn

Looking forward to playing with Ben Waghorn and Eddie John this weekend at the Backwell Festival 130 till 230, then off to play with Innes Siburn and Andy Sutor at the Old Duke Pub bristol

New videos with Mike Britton (guitar) and Gethin Jones (drums)

There are some new videos on my you tube channel

of a recent jam session with the great Mike Britton (guitar) and Gethin Jones (drums) 

hope you enjoy them

Great gigs in brussels

Ive just come back from the Swing Wespelaar 2013  with the Eddie Martin Trio, great festival with some great acts


New tour pics added to photos and videos

Ive just been adding new pics to the photo page, look at john paul new pics, these are pics from the last few months of gigs etc, ive also streamlined the video page

new tracks diamond dust

Ive downloaded in the music player four new tracks from the band Diamond Dust that I play in, please have a listen and let me know what you think, there called Raju, Marbles, Pacific Express and Vuelta


CD review and air time at the doodlin lounge

Had a really great review from Pete Falico at the doodlin lounge in the USA hes playing 'Come on Rita' on his show

thanks pete

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